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Road to New Zealand 27 April, 2014

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For 2 weeks on a road-trip with Wildlight Safaris, I had the opportunity to witness and capture the most beautiful sights in the South Island of New Zealand. I am grateful for meeting such wonderful mentors- Chris McLennan and Dean Fitzpatrick for leading such a magical journey!



Depth of Field 21 May, 2012

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This past weekend, we had beautiful weather and I took the opportunity to shoot photography. I went to visit my high school teacher-friends and their dog. Another former high school teacher came over and she brought her dog with her. The dogs had a great time! They chased each other and played tug-of-war. One of them almost knocked me down but it was a very bad idea to play tug-of-war with two big dogs. Anyhow, I’m glad I had my camera and when I took my camera out, they were very curious of this new toy. Thank God they didn’t put their nose on the lens or tried to jump up on me. Then, I thought- my theme for the shoot will be “Depth of Field” (DoF) since I’ve been re-visiting the basics. I have to admit that it took me a while to fully understand what DoF was and applying and perfecting it was just as challenging. Here are some of my attempts. I couldn’t help but also include photos of these adorable dogs and I’m a big believer that dogs need to be trained just as humans need to be disciplined. –> Any Day in NYC <–

Site Humor 15 March, 2011

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Yes, I am short but I’m told by many that I am short AND cute!

So, I went to do a site survey with my colleagues (total of 4 people, myself included) today… when we got there, we waited as one of the contractor staff notified another guy inside the building. He says on his phone, “Alright, there are 3 guys.” Period. I was like “!?!?” Apparently my colleague physically blocked my presence, so I peeked out and said loudly, “AND one girl.” Everyone laughed (the staff apologized). Yes, I know I’m short and I am forgotten sometimes… anyway, during the entire survey, I turned out to be the one and only girl in the building!

2011 New Years Resolution 8 January, 2011

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I’ve been thinking and thinking… what are my New Year’s Resolutions? I don’t want to generate a long list, otherwise I know I’ll be breaking them in no time. So anyways, I finally resolved to two things-

  • nail that SHIMMY! and
  • be able to play some music at this year’s Pennsic War

I had a third one but I forget what it was. Until I can remember what it is, I’m happy with my list.

Therefore, Happy New Year to all and hope you stick to your resolutions too, if you made any!

Office Humor 19 November, 2010

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This morning, one of my bosses asked me to print him a set of drawings for review. I did what I was told- sent them to the OCE plotter. When I went to pick up the drawings, the OCE plotter sent a message indicating it was low on toner. I hate to fuss with the plotter so I asked  a colleague to help me. I don’t know what he did but apparently he missed the toner chamber while inverted the bottle and accidentally spilled the toner powder everywhere. The floor and the OCE plotter were suddenly covered in black soot and he was smearing it all over the place. I was in shock when I saw what happened but I immediately went to help out. More colleagues passed by the Reproduction Room and wondered what the hell had just happened?!? The most priceless reaction was the Operations Manager’s facial expression. He just came into the office and both of us looked up at him and immediately asked him for cleaning agents. He had a blank stare of shock and then slowly smiled as we waited for an answer. He didn’t say anything but he did help us and brought us a vacuum cleaner. I went to get paper towels and Windex. So, this morning, instead of working as Design Engineers, my colleague and I were cleaning the Repro Room- vacuumed the soot, wiped down the OCE plotter and then the floor. Basically, we had to clean up our own mess… luckily, I didn’t get soot on me… but yeah, what a morning!!

So, the architectural floor plans were updated and I was working on the electrical plans when I suddenly realized that the architects removed a wall where the electrical panel was to be located. I almost flipped out because how was I supposed to circuit the apt without an electrical panel? Anyway, my colleagues say that I’m beginning to sound like an engineer, hehe- sorry architects! Moving or adding a wall several inches will not make a residential unit less desirable! (That’s always the battle between architects and engineers…)

Warrior’s Naadam 2010 19 October, 2010

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This past weekend was the Naadam festival, also known as the Mongolian festival. This year was Silverhorde’s fourth year to hold the event at Putnam County, Westchester. I had the honor to be the Head Chef for the event, cooking up a delicious Chinese meal. I didn’t know what to expect but I have to admit that it was a lot of work from devising the menu, food-pricing and shopping, writing down the recipe procedures, and preparing the feast before and on the day of the event. I had a bad headache on the day of the event but thank you to my friends for helping me out in the kitchen. I’m sure we stepped on each other’s toes but we still managed to get the feast together and I’m very happy to hear the compliments during and after the feast. In addition to that, I participated in the entertainment for the night. Three other girls and I performed a Mongolian dance, dancing with real bowls on top our heads.

Our dance was awesome! Since all of us were so busy that day, we didn’t really have time for a final rehearsal at our marked places, so we improvised the rehearsal as much as we could. We dressed up in our beautiful costumes, with these awesome hats, made w/ a bowl to help us balance more bowls on the top of our heads. During the dance, we filled our bowls with water and we were supposed to drink it during the performance. However, this was what happened… one girl actually drank it (bravo for her!), another spilled it on herself, the third drank but spit it back out at the king who was sitting at the High Table, and I didn’t drink it but threw it at someone, which I missed, at the end of the dance. I crack up whenever I think about it. I absolutely had a blast!

And to end it, I am now officially a member of the Silverhorde. My name in the household is “Bichin,” a Mongolian name for “Monkey.” Everyone gets a kick out of it. I guess it will also be my SCA name.

Silverhorde Inductees

2007 Warrior’s Naadam

2008 Warrior’s Naadam/ Slideshow

p.s. I would also like to thank my mom for teaching me how to cook all the awesome recipes for the event!! 🙂

Europa Series-2008: Prague, Czech Republic 9 October, 2010

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Prague Photo Slideshow

Blog in Prague

Castle Images in Prague

Europa Series-2008: Berlin, Germany 30 September, 2010

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Berlin Photo Slideshow


last night in berlin

Danke Schon!! 🙂

Europa Series-2008: Kassel, Germany 27 September, 2010

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In the summer of 2002, I studied abroad in Kassel, Germany. I don’t know how or why I chose Germany but all I knew was that I wanted to experience a different kind of life. I didn’t know any German and I only felt fear when I was sitting on the airplane as we were preparing to take-off for Kassel

And then, in 2008, I went back and retraced my adventure – Kassel Photo Slideshow


Kassel, then Berlin, Germanz

Europa Series-2008: AMS 24 September, 2010

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I’m reminiscing the amazing backpacking trip I did in the summer of 2008, starting off at Amsterdam-

Amsterdam Photo SlideShow


Off to Europa

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

2nd Day in Amsterdam